No one should be homeless. Donate to The Brick and help build a better future for people suffering hardship and homelessness in Wigan and Leigh.

At The Brick, we believe passionately that anyone experiencing a challenging time can be given the right support to change their life for the better. Our aim is to drive change to support more people in our community by helping everyone to gain access to opportunities, building on a person’s strengths, abilities and potential. We want to respond to the ongoing challenges and inequalities faced by people and families vulnerable to homelessness. Every person we work with has a story to tell, a soul like yours. Their life challenges and experiences can be a burden but also we see a strength. We believe that everyone has the right to equal life chances and that starts with a safe place to call home.

The poem ‘A Soul Like Yours’ was written by Salford born, and now adopted Wiganer Matt Kelly. On the inspiration for the poem, Matt Kelly, said: From being a young lad, when we would see someone living on the street, my Nana used to say to me, ‘There but for the grace of God go I’. This has always stuck with me and I believe it is important to remember that every one of us started out the same and we all deserve a chance to live in a happy, healthy and safe environment. For some of us, that isn’t the case and we must all do our bit in society to help support those with complex needs.

This year has taught us that when we come together with a common goal, we are unstoppable as a society. We need to use that energy and focus to end homelessness now.

The Brick approached actor and comedian Johnny Vegas to read the poem because of his compassion for people and connections with the North West. As a well-known northern icon, and recognisable voice we knew he was the person who could bring to life the words penned by Matt with authenticity and humility. Here at the Brick we work with people to reignite their soul, for we are all the same and every person deserves an equal chance to a happy and fruitful life off the streets and in a safe place to call home.

We hope you will join us this year when things have been tough for us all, and help us to build back a better future for everyone. For we are all in the same storm. Some are on super-yachts. Some have just the one oar.

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The Brick Project offers a huge range of services to people who are homeless, in poverty or facing debt crisis. This includes Crisis Intervention, Hospital to Home, Asset Coaching and Wigan’s largest Foodbank. As its name suggests, it provides a safe, solid building block for people in crisis to begin rebuilding their lives.

The Brick Shop is a charity shop selling donated goods, often to people on low incomes. The shop gives clothes free of charge to people referred by Wigan Council. The shop is one of the main hubs within its community.


The Brick Works offers training to increase the employment opportunities for people who are unemployed for a variety of reasons. This may include homelessness or recently housed people referred.


The Brick Giving aims to put an end to poverty and homelessness in Wigan and Leigh. Our #BrickbyBrick campaign is working to raise £175,000 to purchase The Brick Works and make sure no one in our community is left behind.


The Brick Re-Use has been set up to help educate people in the Wigan Borough about recycling and re-use. We also turn unwanted goods into lovingly restored furniture for families in need.