Mel is a vital team member at The Brick – working behind the scenes to ensure our database systems run effectively and efficiently.

Here she tells us more about her role…

“I help us to make the most of our database system to create a smarter way of working to give frontline staff and volunteers more time to support people in crisis in Wigan.

“I manage the database system we use – called Lamplight – and am currently working through training sessions for staff and volunteers with a step by step guide on how to use it.

“I hope that the proper use of the system will mean that we can work smarter and more efficiently – so that staff and volunteers have more time with clients and doing their day to day work.

“The ideal situation is for there to be no more paper generated – information will be put directly on to the database. There is a lot of pressure on my colleagues that work in the crisis intervention team and its supporting services – so I want to be able to easy some of that pressure.

“I love working for The Brick, this is a completely new sector for me – after being in the housing sector for 10 years. Before working here, I only knew The Brick for the foodbank, and now I see how much more than that it is for the people it supports to rebuild their lives.

“I live in Hindley – so it feels good to be working for an organisation that also supports the community that I live in.”

Find out more about what The Brick does here.

The Brick, 10 Arcade Street, Wigan WN1 1LU

Call: 01942 236 953

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