The Brick is a partner in the “A Bed Every Night” initiative, which operates across Greater Manchester.

A Bed Every Night is a commitment from Andy Burnham the Mayor of Manchester to provide a bed, welcome, hot meal and support to anyone who is sleeping rough or at imminent risk of sleeping rough in Greater Manchester and doesn’t have a current housing solution.

The Brick are the delivery partners for A.B.E.N. and we currently operate over 3 locations in Wigan and Leigh offering a bed, a hot meal, a hot shower, and someone who can give them help and support to move off the streets and into a home where they have dignity, hope and a future.

From that, we also offer those who have stayed the night, optional support during the day where they can engage in meaningful activity. Whether that is basic help and advice, life skills training courses, an outdoor or health related activity or work in one of our training areas at The Brick Works.

Our aim is not just to sort a place to sleep, that’s just the start, our aim is to help people get their lives back on track.

A day in the life of…

Brick Project Manager – James Leach Holt

James is Brick Project Manager. He works at the Brick project and helps to organise clients into the various programs that the Brick runs – James wants to ensure that every client gets the support that is tailored to their specific needs.

“I’m a Line Manager for various services at the Brick, including the Crisis Drop in Centre, the Foodbank, Crisis Intervention, the Hospital to Home service, Students on Placement and the No Second Night Out service.”

“I primarily work with staff and volunteers that I manage. I also have face to face contact with clients on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and I do outreach on Thursday and Friday to potential clients. I also link with other agencies sometimes to manage specific cases.”

“I would love to achieve a service at the Brick, which is well in tuned with the need of the people we support. Basically creating a service for Individuals in a crisis, where they can feel comfortable speaking to our volunteers and staff. I’d also like it to be comfortable for staff and volunteers, so they feel confident in dealing with crises.”

“We work towards this with a lot of time and effort; it’s about being open minded and listening to what service users want and then creating a service which is co-productive with service users; a service that is there for the service users not for the staff. It’s going to take a lot of feedback from service users and I’d love for them and staff to feel equal.”

“What keeps me passionate about this project is knowing that we make a difference. Watching service user become more independent over time and get on with their lives. It’s a particular milestone when we can remove the need for safe guarding. It’s also uplifting watching the staff and volunteers grow. We take volunteers and staff from all backgrounds and it’s all about taking them in and watching them grow and become more knowledgeable”

“A notable example for me of where we helped, was this elderly gentleman, he came to the Brick as a rough sleeper, and he was very isolated with poor mental health. We referred him to the, No Second Night Out service, which provides emergency shared accommodation. He was supported by staff at the Brick Project and Railway Road Hostel, Riverside. He soon started to integrate into group sessions run by the Brick and we were able to move him into sheltered accommodation, where he is now a thriving member of the community getting involved with social groups at the Brick and he is now looking at getting into volunteering.”

“For me, people can help, by learning about what the Brick Project does, the services that we provide and how that can help the local community. By spreading the word, it helps the services become known, so they can be accessible to people in a crisis situation.”

The Brick, 10 Arcade Street, Wigan WN1 1LU   

Call: 01942 236 953

The Brick Project offers a huge range of services to people who are homeless, in poverty or facing debt crisis. This includes Crisis Intervention, Hospital to Home, Asset Coaching and Wigan’s largest Foodbank. As its name suggests, it provides a safe, solid building block for people in crisis to begin rebuilding their lives.

The Brick Shop is a charity shop selling donated goods, often to people on low incomes. The shop gives clothes free of charge to people referred by Wigan Council. The shop is one of the main hubs within its community.


The Brick Works offers training to increase the employment opportunities for people who are unemployed for a variety of reasons. This may include homelessness or recently housed people referred.


The Brick Giving aims to put an end to poverty and homelessness in Wigan and Leigh. Our #BrickbyBrick campaign is working to raise £175,000 to purchase The Brick Works and make sure no one in our community is left behind.


The Brick Re-Use has been set up to help educate people in the Wigan Borough about recycling and re-use. We also turn unwanted goods into lovingly restored furniture for families in need.