The UK is facing a perfect storm of increasing prices, interest rates, soaring bills and with the country forecast to face a greater economic shock that any other G7 nation (IMF), those on the lowest incomes will inevitably suffer the most. With inflation reaching its highest rate for 30 years, over the coming months more and more families will be pushed into poverty.

This summer we will increase our efforts to support families who are at most risk of, or experiencing poverty and hardship in Wigan and Leigh. The Department of Education data shows that by the end of the 2020-21 school year, 60% of Wigan’s children were eligible for free school meals – a staggering 43% increase from 2016-17. School holidays are always a challenging time for families, but now as the cost-of-living crisis materialises, more and more people will be forced to skip meals, turn off their heating and miss bills, rent and mortgage payments. Many people who would normally be able to manage during the school holidays will be tipped over the edge and will be seeking our help, as they do not have enough money for food.

Child ‘food poverty’ is just one symptom of a wider injustice: poverty is not caused by personal flaws or ‘bad life decisions’ but by policy choices and economic inequality. It is not only food that children and their families cannot afford, – it is the basic stuff that we take for granted such as fuel for heating and cooking, the appliances to cook with, furniture, clothes and toiletries.

This summer we are calling on our amazing supporters to ask if you can give just £1 so that we can continue our vital work across the borough. Alleviating the hardships that so many families are facing.

Your £1 act of kindness will go towards;

  • Bulk buying items for our emergency food parcels
  • Purchasing essential items such as toiletries and cleaning products
  • Bulk buying fresh food items such as bread, fruit and veg so that everyone can access healthy nutritional meals.
  • Offering free of charge and subsidised affordable appliances and furniture such as cookers, fridges and washing machines.

It’s so easy to donate, simply  text BRICK£1 to 70480, or visit our JUST GIVING PAGE HERE. If you want to donate more just change the amount e.g BRICK£2 BRICK£5 – anything you can spare would make such a difference.