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We have various volunteering opportunities at our Gidlow Lane and Leigh Shops

Social Media & Content Creation​

Do you have a passion for creating content on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok? We would love for you to help us manage and post on our social media handles! Responsibilities include:​

Interacting with our followers and answering queries about the stores/ the charity​

Working with other volunteers to create and schedule posts across our platforms using Hootsuite ( social media scheduling app, you will be shown how to do this)​

Showcase your creativity, whether your passion is styling, homeware, or conveying the charity ambience via social media!


Visual Merchandising & Display​

Are you creative and detail oriented? Do you love organising and creating beautiful displays? Please join us to create a beautiful shopping ambience and experience for our customers. Responsibilities include:​

Maintenance like dusting, folding and steaming garments (you will be trained on how to do this) ​

Maintaining an organised clothing and homeware area and creating displays throughout the store.​

Working as part of a team to create eye catching window displays which showcase the most premium products.


Gift Aid Champion​

This role is for people who are confident in speaking to customers and getting their information so we are able to claim Gift Aid on their donations! Responsibilities include: ​

Collecting personal information from donors​

Tagging and organising stock from donors to ensure gift aid criteria is met​

Experience is desirable but not essential!


Sales & Customer Experience​

Do you enjoy customer facing work? Do you love creating a positive store ambience?​

If so, this is the role for you! We are looking for volunteers to work in a team to serve customers and maintain an amazing shopping environment to serve our local community.​

Responsibilities include:​

*Ad hoc maintenance and assisting customers lifting heavier items and donations (you will be trained on how to do this) ​

*Replenishing stock, as our store is very fast paced!​

*Greeting and serving customers and answering queries


Sorting & Organising​

​As you will know from visiting our stores, we are fortunate to receive so many donations! However, this does sometimes mean we are not able to categorise or sort through donations as quickly as we would like. That’s where you come in!​

Responsibilities include:​

* Organising back areas of shop to ensure quick and easy sorting​

*Sorting through donations and determining which need to be sent for rags and which are saleable​

*Streamlining existing donations in back areas to make enough space for newer donations​

*Where possible, steaming and pricing stock before it goes onto shop floor​

*Prepping tags etc to go onto clothing​

Please remember that if you sign up to one of these roles and decide you want to change/ encompass a few roles into your volunteering experience, we are happy for you to do this!

A great opportunity to gain experience, develop skills, obtain qualifications, enhance your CV and obtain a reference.

Please contact Volunteer Coordinator Emma Shaw emma_s@thebrick.org.uk or call 01942 236953 for more information.