6-year-old Gabrielle is Walking 100 miles for The Brick in January

A 6-year-old Wigan girl has set herself a challenge to walk 100 miles in January to raise £300 for The Brick after seeing homeless people sleeping in Wigan town centre, this winter.


Gabrielle Smith was walking home with her dad, via Wigan town centre, after visiting the Wigan Light Night event in Mesnes Park before Christmas, when they saw a homeless man in a shop front. Gabrielle, asked her dad questions about people who are homeless, expressing how she wanted to help them.


Gabrielle’s parents, Chris, and Maxine Smith told Gabrielle about the work of Wigan and Leigh charity, The Brick, and the 6-year-old decided that she could try to help by fundraising for the Brick and walking 100 miles in January.


Gabrielle said: “I wanted to help the boy because I didn’t want him to be sad and lonely in the cold, and I didn’t want him to be hungry outside at night. I will be walking every day to reach 100 miles, and I will be taking my dogs on big walks too. I’m really excited to reach 100 miles and to raise all of my (fund raising) total.”


Chris Smith said: “Gabrielle is a kind-hearted, loving, caring, young girl who is already such an inspiration to her mum and me. She loves being active and is currently playing netball and is trying her hand at Karate at Hindley Goju Ryu. When she isn’t being active, she loves crafting, drawing, and ‘singing’.


“Gabrielle’s journey to school (Marus Bridge Primary) and back is about 1.5 miles which she does most days so she will increase this to every day. With some extra walking after school and some bigger family walks at weekends, with our two dogs Poppy and Faz, the 100 miles should be achievable. She will also be carrying a collection bucket on selected walks so she should be easy to spot!


“Gabrielle’s kindness is a source of inspiration for us. Seeing her display compassion at such a young age is something we want to encourage. The Brick plays a vital role in the community, supporting individuals and families facing various challenges so it was an easy decision to make to help in any small way we could.”


Keely Dalfen, CEO said: “We are so grateful for the help and support of people in our community, and it really touched the hearts of all of our team to hear about Gabrielle’s decision to walk an incredible 100 miles in just one month.


“At such a young age, Gabrielle’s kindness and compassion is remarkable and from everyone at The Brick we want to thank her, and her family, for their support. I would encourage anyone who sees Gabrielle with her collection bucket to support her and help her to reach her target!”