Monthly Giving

Can you donate £3 a month to help fight poverty in Wigan & Leigh?

We’re asking our supporters to help us fight poverty in Wigan and Leigh by joining our DONATE 3 Campaign. By donating just £3 a month you can help support a rising increase in demand and help fund our core services.

The Brick operates a Food Community in the heart of Wigan. Although we are not a food bank, we do sometimes provide emergency food. We believe that everyone has the right to good, healthy nutritious food that starts with choice and dignity. Our Food Community is laid out like a shop and members can choose their items for a small fee including fresh, refrigerated, frozen and long-life foods. All the food is donated to the charity or comes via diversions in the national supply chain, such as surpluses from supermarkets or restaurants so we are saving perfectly edible food from landfill too.


Our Food Community acts as a stop-gap solution to the cost-of-living crisis and to people who are experiencing food insecurity. In the first 4 months of opening, over 900 people had signed up to be members of our Food Community. 97% of people who access our food offer do so because of financial insecurity. At the heart of our charity is our vision to not only alleviate poverty but to change the systemic causes that exuberate poverty.

Our long-term vision is to end food insecurity. To ensure access to good quality, healthy food for all, by moving beyond a crisis response. We take a preventative approach to food poverty; to champion the RIGHT to healthy nutritious food and lobby for fair food to be embedded in policy and planning.


The cost-of-living crisis is having a severe and heart-breaking impact on a huge number of people in our community. More people are coming to us for help as they are facing sky high fuel and food bills that they simply cannot pay. Here are some comments made by our visitors:

‘This is the first time I’ve reached out. I can’t even afford any food’

‘I was ashamed. I’ve never asked for help. You were amazing. Everyone was so warm and kind.’

‘I (foster) care for two severely traumatised children. I can’t believe how much you have helped us all.’

Your £3 monthly act of kindness will go towards:

  • Bulk buying items for our emergency food parcels
  • Purchasing essential items such as toiletries and cleaning products
  • Bulk buying fresh food items such as bread, fruit and veg so that everyone can access healthy nutritional meals.
  • Offering free of charge and subsidised affordable appliances and furniture such as cookers, fridges and washing machines.

By gifting just £3 a month (or any other amount you choose) you can help us combat poverty and prevent homelessness in our local communities.

Change a life, donate today