Brick Engage

We walk alongside those who are experiencing tough times, to create an environment where people have choice and control over their lives and can move forward to the future they want.

A core value of The Brick is engagement, all our teams have engagement at the heart of what they do to help facilitate the outcomes that people choose and prioritise for themselves.


We offer trusting relationships based on respect, we see a person for their strengths and not the problem that they present with, recognising everyone as an individual. 


The Brick engage project is about helping people in their development journey, preventing crisis and homelessness.


The Brick also staffs Wigan Council’s duty helpline during the evenings and weekends. Working closely with our emergency accommodation provision ABEN and Outreach team to prevent rough sleeping. Our staff help to reconnect people with family and place in emergency accommodation when all other avenues have been exhausted.

Our outreach team work with people rough sleeping across the borough, working out in the community between 05:00 hours and 00:00 hours, providing a truly accessible service during times of crisis and enabling engagement at the earliest opportunity to help prevent a person spending a night out, rough sleeping on the streets.

If you are worried about someone you think may be rough sleeping please contact us and we will send our team out to check on their welfare and help them to access emergency accommodation.


Pathfinderis a homeless prevention project across Greater Manchester, in partnership with Greater Manchester Better Outcomes Partnership (GMBOP) and Greater Manchester Combined Authorities (GMCA). 

We offer coaching for anyone aged 16-35 who is faced with the possibility of losing their accommodation or wanting to improve or maintain their accommodation to avoid facing homelessness in the future. Progression Coaches, Ashleigh Sam and Issac offer person-led coaching; this means you take the lead and are fully in control of your transition and any changes you choose to make whilst working with a coachAs well as working with you around accessing, remaining or exploring accommodation, coaching also covers a range of aspects that you feel will develop your strengths, ambitions and passions, this may be related to interests, wellbeing, finances, learning or any other opportunities you would like to explore. 

If you would like to find out more information or believe you or someone you know are in a situation which may result in facing homelessness in the future, please get in touch with the team: or fill in the PATHFINDER SELF REFERRAL FORM

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