Brick by Brick

A collaborative local project providing a multi bank repository of essential household items donated from surplus business requirements, from furniture to hot water bottles, hygiene products to discarded bedding.

Items are distributed across a partnership of referring charities, community groups and professionals helping families to maintain a decent standard of home. 


Brick by Brick receives surplus goods that would have otherwise been recycled or disposed of from companies which are delivered to our warehouse to be redistributed to people who need them. These are essential household items from bedding and cleaning products to clothes and toiletries. Businesses who see how we are combating poverty while combatting waste are now fully engaged.

Goods are received from the biggest company in the country, Amazon, which has been the lead sponsor of the Brick-by-Brick project to leading British businesses like Heinz, Co-op, Unilever and PepsiCo, to some of the smallest companies that operate only locally. We then redistribute to partner third sector organisations by referral who pass these on to the families they support. The Brick-by-Brick Project now provides goods to schools, social work teams, health visitors, and health centres as well as to foodbanks and charities. We work closely with churches, faith groups, chambers of commerce, and rotary clubs, all of whom have become valuable and enthusiastic partners. Every partner organisation uses established referral systems to make sure goods go to the children and families who need them.

The range of local charities we help include Compassion in Action, Fort Alice, Wigan Youth Zone, SWAP, Targeted Youth Support, The Armed Forces HQ, Higher Folds Community Centre, Wigan Children’s Social Care, over 150 local schools and many more. 


But our aim is not just to provide emergency help. We are showing that these companies’ surplus goods are not just being offered as handouts in an emergency but also provide the platform upon which families can build for the future and allow them to make their houses more comfortable for their families and children to live in.

Our follow-on programme is to provide further opportunities to work with already engaged businesses to provide work experience, funding for accredited training and developing upskilling programmes. Brick by Brick is not only an anti-poverty project but also an anti-pollution project – tackling two of the country’s biggest problems at the same time.


To find out more about Brick-by-Brick and become a referring partner please contact


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