Choices Not Chances

The word chance is very subjective, what it means to one person doesn’t mean quite the same to the next. I believe if anything only you can give your own chances – the ones that really count. You need to take the control back, feel empowered to make your own decisions. Take your own chances and recognise the ones that really matter to you.

When the time is right, and you are in the right space (mentally and situationally) it’s not about waiting for a chance. It’s about taking every day on its own merits and knowing that tomorrow is always a new chance to keep moving forward.

In life there is no such thing as ‘as the crow flies’, everyone’s journey is different and personal to them. Certain paths will be by choice, others driven by external influences outside of your control but you decide where each ends and which new path to embark on – no chance required apart from the one you give yourself.

The term ‘second chance’ is often bounded about, it infers a finite ending to an opportunity to change or lead your life in a more fulfilling way. It infers if you don’t take it you will be judged or measured by this. It infers I will metaphorically let go of your hand, you’re on your own and this simply isn’t true. Take it when you’re ready to take it and mean it; be committed to positive changes, because ultimately that’s where the change comes from. Believe that life still has so much to offer, believe in opportunities that come across at the right time and most importantly believe in yourself.

Believe in humanity, in trust, in self-belief, in forgiveness – for yourself as much as others. Believe that change is possible; knows no boundaries and chances are wherever you seek them. Positive attitudes, environments and real world relationships are there for everyone you just need to look for them, embrace them.

But chances, they aren’t for me to give. Chances are whatever you make of them. I for one am not counting.

It’s the choices we make that directly influence the chances we take.