Join Us For The Big Sleepout This April


Ian is a self-employed delivery driver. Due to soaring fuel costs, he now struggles to heat his home and says, ‘I only put the heating on when I have visitors. I have never struggled like this before.’

Lucy has three children and says it is a ‘lifesaver’ when they go to their grandparents after school twice a week. ‘I know they will have a proper meal there which I can’t always afford to make for them myself. It’s only going to get worse when I have to pay more on National insurance.’

Dan lives alone and says he feels more isolated now than he did during the pandemic, ‘I used to see my friends every week but none of us can afford that anymore. We are lucky if we can meet up once a month.’

Every day at The Brick we hear stories like these. So many people are experiencing financial worry due to the soaring costs of energy and household bills and the reduction in Universal and Working Tax Credit. Household budgets are facing unprecedented pressure after inflation hit a 30-year high in December, despite stagnating wages. No family in Wigan and Leigh should have to choose between heating their home or putting food on the table and we need your help so we can provide a lifeline to everyone who needs us.

Over the last 12 months, there has been an unprecedented need for the charity’s services, due to the increase in the number of families and individuals facing poverty and desperate times. The charity has experienced a 142% increase in people seeking support around food insecurity over the last 12 months, with 37% of Brick food parcels being distributed to children. We have also seen a significant upturn in calls from people who are struggling to cover regular household bills and are looking now at preventative measures and the root causes of poverty to deliver a more sustainable response in 2022.

The Brick is inviting people to come together on Friday 22nd April, for The Big Sleepout.  Whether people want to camp out in their back garden, create a den, sleep in the bath, or with work colleagues in the office, the community are invited to join The Brick to raise as much money as they can for those in the community facing poverty.

Cathy says, ‘I don’t know where I would go or what I would do without The Brick. Everyday is hard, but The Brick makes it easier. The Brick aren’t just a charity – they are my family.’ 

The Brick family of staff and volunteers will be releasing a host of activities, games and fire pit recipes to make The Big Sleepout special for all who take part. All we ask is that those who join us for this event make a donation via our Just Giving page or raise sponsorship for sleeping somewhere other than their bed for the night. You can also donate by texting BRICK with your  donation amount to 70480 with your donation amount.

To join the The Big Sleepout, people can register their interest on the Bricks Facebook page to ensure that they are notified when new activities are released:

Visit The Brick website for more information.

Thank you for all of your support. Together we can tackle poverty. 

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