Saturday Successes

  • One of the people we work with has now completed 2 weeks at their new job – They have said they’re very happy at their new job and look forward to the future.
  • Another person we work with has started their new job Gardening with Wigan Council.
  • A third person passed the interview stage for a new job as a forklift driver.
  • The CV & Job Search group this week completed five CV’s and cover letters for a few different job opportunities – Our CV and jobs search class is now every Monday afternoon at the Brick Project.
  • The Trainee Taskforce helped to paint and clean the home of an elderly resident in the community she was extremely grateful for our help.
  • The ‘Brick in Action’ group spent time cleaning up the outside of the Brick Project as it was starting to look rather messy again. They used the litter pickers and removed all the rubbish around the entrance and outside the gates, they then packed all this into bin bags and removed it from the premises – the idea is to promote #prideInYourCommunity.
  • The creative class also designed a new “Welcome to St. Georges” sign for the entrance the hub as it was looking quite bare. Hopefully, this will be ready to hang up soon.