Saturday Successes

  • Some people we work with have come together to construct a brilliant (and huge!) sales counter for the new Leigh shop using reclaimed wood – We were absolutely blown away by how fabulous it looks!
  • The Brick in Action team stayed at the Project and made a start on the Brick Poppy display that they have planned for Remembrance day on 11/11. They’ve made clay poppies in all different styles which the group loved as they found it calming and purposeful.
  • The Leigh Eco team has done a litter clean-up by sweeping, brushing and cleaning outside the Leigh Hub. The team then rounded up their day, by watching a Planet Earth documentary, learning about the impact we’re having on the planet.
  • One of the people we work with has designed and made a superb planter for our new vegetable garden, out of reclaimed wood… have a look above see what you think?
  • Our New Leigh Shop opening day has been confirmed. Great news! The new shop will open on the 7th October.