Summer Fundraising Month


The Brick Needs You!
We have launched a Summer fundraising Month for the whole of August, to celebrate the Birthdays of The Brick Shop (40), The Brick Project (9), The Brick Works (3) and we want as many people as possible to hold a fundraising event to raise funds for us.
What sort of thing can you do? – basically anything you like! Are you already fulfilling a wish during August, can you get people to sponsor you to do it? (5k run?, bike ride? Special walk? Special holiday?) Do you want to give up chocolate/cakes/cigarettes – get your friends to sponsor you!
It’s school holidays – what can your children get sponsored to do – 5 minute silence? Tidy that bedroom? Put a play on to entertain you all? Or can you hold events with your children – bake cakes and invite their friends and parents/grandparents around? Do an activity together. Throw a party. Sponsor a smile. Have a money box and put your change in for us that month.
Dowload our poster here The Brick birthday month poster