Supporting Rough Sleepers In Every Weather

Last night, tonight and every night our Outreach Team are on the streets supporting rough sleepers – we will never leave anyone behind but now more than ever we will be there to ensure that street sleepers are prioritised and vaccinated in line with other priority groups (outlined by the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation). There are many reasons why some people may refuse help or a bed, but we never give up and we’ll be back tomorrow, supporting, checking and advising. This week we are concentrating on helping people to register with a GP so that they can access the vaccination quickly and swiftly. If you are worried about a rough sleeper please get in touch on our 24hour a day chat on our website. If we are busy leave your details and our Outreach Team will call you back and arrange to attend the location. Thank you to our amazing team George, Lana, Denise, Neil and Susan. You are out walking the streets in every weather and you really are #rebuildinglives.