The Asset Based Approach

Asset Coaches deliver a personal transition service (PTS) a revolutionary approach to working with people who are going through tough times, we work differently from traditional support services by focusing on an individual’s strengths. Rather than dwell on what is systematically viewed as a ‘problem’ or ‘issue’, that then forms the basis of a support plan to ‘fix’ the problem for or ‘do to’ the person, coaching allows a person to realise their positive qualities and existing assets. We offer an honest, open, person led service that trusts individuals to make all the decisions: when we meet, where, why and how often. Firstly, we spend some time getting know each other, at a place of interest or of the person’s choice, without any prior background/history knowledge, no ‘client’, ‘homeless’ labels and no ‘worker’ identifying lanyards: 2 humans having real-world conversations, building a trusting foundation to work from.

We demonstrate our confidence in each person having the existing capabilities and skills to successfully transition from a temporary period they are experiencing, by allowing the person to take the reins and decide what changes they want to make and which opportunities to explore. As a result, people can begin a natural, personal journey towards their desired destination.

Coaches are there for as long as the individual asks them to be, offering a safe, neutral space for people to express themselves. We offer assistance by following their lead and brokering bespoke opportunities for each person. We facilitate people to connect with like-minded others, access meaningful activities, from hobbies and interests to training and education, positive experiences or whatever they choose: no limits, simply anything that has meaning to that person.

There is no set agenda, coaches have no hard outcomes to steer people towards, we witness personal transition and development that is purely the result of an individual taking control of their situation. An Asset Coach aims to empower a person to realise their own potential and become responsible and accountable for their own life and choices, set their own targets and meet their goals in their own time. Ultimately we facilitate individuals to transition towards their independence, achieve their aspirations and move away from dependency on services or professional interventions when times get tough.