The cost of living crisis: paying with our health?

Dignity is what we believe in at The Brick.
Dignity is fundamental to who we are as human beings and also to our place in society.
Dignity is eroded when people cannot meet their basic material needs.

There is no dignity in having to use food banks to feed your family.
There is no dignity in having to wear outdoor clothing indoors because you can’t heat your home.
There is no dignity in having to miss appointments because of the cost of travel.

The Brick is witnessing more and more such indignities and these are impacting people’s psychological, social and physical health:
Wayne cannot afford his prescriptions.
Hannah is consciously planning to miss meals.
David cannot use a dehumidifier to improve his damp and poorly ventilated flat.
Alice would have to spend three-quarters of her income on food to follow healthy eating guidance.
James’ health conditions are worsening because his house is cold and poorly insulated.

At the Brick we believe that the cost of living crisis should not be paid for with our health. The Covid pandemic already revealed and worsened health inequalities in our country, and we are now seeing the same again. Yet everyone should have sufficient income to lead a healthy life, and good health is vital for a person’s sense of wellbeing. With that, not only can the individual fulfil their own potential, they can also take their proper place in community and wider society.

This winter you can help us to help people to protect their health and wellbeing as together we WRAP UP WIGAN.

By Brick Chaplain, Caroline