What happens when helping doesn’t help?

We as humans are very complex individuals, when you started to consider people’s life experiences and their subjective perspective of reality, we can start to try and understand the scars of trauma, mental illness, abandonment issues, lack of trust in services – the list is in no way exhaustive.

We can only try to empathise and understand reactions and behaviours – but what happens when everything we try doesn’t help.

We are all aware that until someone wants to change for themselves nothing that is offered will be effective.  This too needs to be accepted and respected.

What if we sit, we listen, we don’t judge and we are congruent?

This is the start of building a relationship to gain a mutual trust and understanding. We don’t give up. We create a safe space allowing people to feel empowered and in control of their own support, set their own goals. Then in their own time accept the support and make positive sustainable changes which will lead to a brighter future and become an integrated part of our community.

This is how we help when helping isn’t helping!

A Blog by Jayne Robinson – Young Persons’ Accommodation Team Lead