World Homeless Day

Today, 10th October, is World Homeless Day and will be marked around the world in dozens of countries on all continents. The purpose of World Homeless Day is to highlight the needs of homeless people locally and to provide an opportunity for communities to get involved and respond to those needs in practical ways.

What We Do:

Here at The Brick, we provide emergency accommodation today and every day of the year, but we don’t stop there. We support and encourage people to take control of their lives, creating and brokering opportunities for people based on their strengths, coaching them through financial, personal and circumstantial difficulties.

Today and every day we will provide shelter to homeless individuals across the Wigan Borough, we will provide hot and nutritious meals, clothing and showers. Today and every day we will provide positive conversations and supportive friendships, we will help people to find the spark that enables them to believe that they have a different future. Today and every day we create plans, we provide opportunities to build those futures and we believe in them.

Today on world homelessness day and every day we help to REBUILD LIVES.

What you can do:

At The Brick we welcome community involvement, practical and financial help today and every day of the year:

  • We are always looking for enthusiastic volunteers who can use their skills to help our cause. If you are interested in finding out more about our volunteering opportunities, then please email
  • There are lots of fun ways our supporters raise money, from marathons, to cake bakes to parties. Please email
  • Work for us. Join us on 14th October for our recruitment open evening.
  • Make a Financial Donation. See our website
  • Make a donation of food/practical items. We always need tinned, non-perishable food, sanitary items, toiletries which can be dropped off at any of our locations. See,uk
  • Make a donation of furniture – we will sell in our charity shops and use the fund for alleviating homelessness in our community. Call 01942 236 953.
  • Nominate The Brick for your Corporate Charity of the Year.

Email for details


Be the change you want to see.